Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ugly Fucks - Seein' The Fucks Live!

Ugly Fucks are a hardcore punk band from Zagreb, Croatia that play a style of hardcore that reminds me a lot of FxPxOx (Forever Positively Obsessed), fast bursts of vocals backed by intense riffs and adrenaline filled drums (I'm sold). There aren't a ton of live hardcore albums (probably because punks can't afford good mics to record), but this one actually sounds really good. Definitely give Ugly Fucks a listen, a lot of good hardcore punk from Croatia that should not be passed up.


Ugly Fucks - Seein' The Fucks Live!
U.F. Theme
Just Quit
What's Your Problem?
Clone Fest
Clap! Clap!
From My Perspective
That Song
Your Life Is Like Tele Novela
One Of These Days
This Means Everything

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