Monday, December 30, 2013

Hardcore in 2013

Here is a list of what I've spent most of this year listening to. If I were you I would check out every single one of these bands.

Hounds of Hate - Self Titled
When the No Redemption 7" came out on Katorga I instantly fell in love and needed more. This LP is without a doubt the most played album off this entire list and I can't express how excited I am to see these guys next year.

Sectarian Violence - Upward Hostility 
Sectarian Violence features the lead singer of Coke Bust, but unlike Coke Bust these guys play a very much more straight forward style of hardcore. Upward Hostility is everything that anyone could ever ask for in a hardcore album, 10 songs of pure terror that make you want to slam every moment of everyday.

Youth Avoiders - Self Titled
I wasn't sure what to expect when I first listened to these guys back in October, but I'm extremely happy with what I found. The Youth Avoiders LP is without a doubt one of the best surprises of 2013.

Violent Reaction - City Streets
It took me a while to listen to Violent Reaction, but when I finally did they secured a spot as one of my favorite current bands. Fast hardcore with gang chants that just reminds me of 86 Mentality, where could you possibly go wrong?

Vigilante - Quality of Life
Quality of Life is definitely the most underrated release of 2013. This record just screams 80s New York Hardcore, from Agnostic Front and Warzone to Cro-Mags and Killing Time. If you don't believe me then you need to give Quality of Life a listen.


Back to Back - Flesh and Bone
Flesh and Bone may be one of the toughest records I've heard all year and nothing really compares. In a strange way these guys remind me a lot of Dry Rot, not musically, but just the eeriness of the album as a whole. I have high hopes to see Back to Back tour in 2014.

Demolition - World Gone Mad
This record was another nice surprise for me this year as I had never heard of Demolition, but when I listened to World Gone Mad all I could think about was New York hardcore in all its glory.

Hard Stripes - Self Titled
I've been in love with Hard Stripes ever since their demo came out last year (plus their name is just amazing). So I got way too excited when I heard they had a record on the way, check it out.

The Flex - Scum on the Run
Gritty hardcore, just the way I like it. The Flex do not disappoint with their new 7", just as fast and ruthless as ever. "Scum on the fucking run!" 

Freedom - Pay the Price
If you've already listened to the Freedom demo then you know what to expect from this record, but except ten times heavier and meaner.

Spine / The Repos - Split
This was the only split I really listened to that came out this year, but Spine and The Repos on the same record instantly made this the best split of 2013.


Chain Rank - The Grip Demo 2013
Chain Rank is a brand new hardcore band from Boston that delivers a fast- paced slam til you fucking die kinda sound. I'm not sure who's in this new project, but after listening to the demo I would be surprised if it didn't share members of World War 4, No Tolerance, The Rival Mob, etc... 

Hired Goons - Demo 2013 Pt 2
Hired Goons released their first demo earlier this year and I've been looking out for their stuff ever since. But I already posted both these demos so if you haven't listened to em yet you're still fucking up.

Intent - All or Nothing Demo
I've seen these guys play their older demos a couple times now, but this new tape definitely takes the cake. Check them out if you haven't already.

Social Damage - Demo II
Indianapolis hardcore is on the rise in 2014 with bands like Social Damage. This tape is short, but it offers 3 relentless tracks that will make you wish your band had divebombs that sick.

Public Suicide - Demo 2013
Public Suicide is a new band from Washington D.C. that to me sounds like a small mix of everything. The vocals are rough, the songs are fast as all hell, and the breakdowns are worth stomping to. The demos only 4 minutes, but its a 4 minutes well spent.

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