Monday, November 25, 2013

Catholic Guilt / Inu Split LP

Two killer European bands come together to release an insane all go, no stop split LP armed with D-beats, sick solos, and some piercing guitar tones. 

Catholic Guilt, from Austria, plays a good mix of fast paced 80's hardcore punk with some slower tunes that keep the audience slamming. This side of the split reminds me a lot of A Global Threat and Amdi Petersens Arme. This is the bands first vinyl release, but it looks like they have a 7" called Futile Attempts on the way which I'll definitely keep an eye out for.

Inu, from Spain, has a more punk/d-beat style that comes chock full of pogo-your-heart-out parts and group chants. When I listened to the song Cobardes for the first time all I could think about was Peligro Social. The band also seems to have a heavy Japanese influence, like at practice they just sat around and thought about becoming the next Gauze. I'm down with that.

Catholic Guilt's Side
No Cure
Black Bile

Inu's Side
Directo al infierno
Japanese Title
Yuki Onna

Check it out : 

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