Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gay Kiss - Fault LP

Gay Kiss - Fault
I've seen this band at least 4 times now and every time they steal the show. Great guys, always staying at the drummer Daniel's place when we're touring. Definitely check this record out if you're into Salvation or any Youth Attack bands and go see them play if you ever get the chance. 

West Coast tour in the works for this summer. Tentative dates as follow:
6/14: Santa Ana, CA
6/15: Bay Area, CA
6/16 Sacramento, CA
6/17: Arcata, CA
6/18: Eugene, OR
6/19: Olympia, WA
6/21: Seattle, WA
6/22: Portland, OR
6/23: Bay Area, CA
6/24: Bakersfield, CA
6/25: Inland Empire, CA


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